Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pumpkin Ale Sweet Potatoes (Or "Yams" for You Yanks... Provided You Yanks Care to Eat Them at All)

When I pulled the first beer out of the six-pack and saw this, I knew it was time (read like a mystic in a Stephen King novel)... time to try pumpkin ale sweet potatoes. It's not an idea that works with just any beer, but I thought the bittersweet flavor of pumpkin ale would lend itself well to the recipe; even more so than Sam Adams Brown Ale, which I tried last fall.

Boy, was I off.

It would take way more sweeteners than I have under my roof to get the bitterness out of this puppy. Anyway, here's what I did. See if you can fix it.

Pumpkin Ale Sweet Potatoes


4 large sweet potatoes, baked and skins removed

2 Tbsp. butter

2 Tbsp. brown sugar

1 tsp. orange blossom honey

1/4 tsp. salt

Pinch each of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ground cloves

1 bottle pumpkin ale of your choice (I prefer Shipyard)


While the potatoes are still hot enough to melt the butter, mash all ingredients except beer in a large bowl with a fork or potato masher. Add beer a couple tbsp. at a time, mashing intermittently, until the texture has changed but still doesn't count as soupy. This should take not quite half your beer. Drink the rest... it makes your screwed-up sweet potatoes taste better.
Serves 4.

As I mentioned, I had better results with Sam Adams Brown Ale, so feel free to sub that if you want a sure(r) thing. Also feel free to write me/send pics if you come up with any cool original pumpkin ale recipes. For now, I'm thinking that the overload of sweeteners required suggests pie or beer bread. Of course, there's always just drinking it already.

Beat the eggs. Whip the cream. Show no mercy.


Copy Ranter said...

I'd recommend using Anchor Steam beer. It's America's only native beer and it has a flavor profile that may complement/balance this recipe perfectly. It's very malty and sweet, but still definitely a beer. The bitterness wouldn't be an issue because it only has about 45 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), so just enough hop bitterness to bring flavors out, but not to overpower them. Plus, it has a thicker consistency that will help it remain un-soupy. Yeah, I just made that word up. Deal with it.

The Chickenless Chick said...

Lol... this entire blog is based on a made-up word, so no worries there. Thanks for the recommendation.

Copy Ranter said...

Maybe that with pumpkin pie spice, to keep the dream of pumpkin-flavored potatoes alive?