Monday, September 7, 2009

And Now, to Prove That It's Not all About Me...

I mentioned in the previous post that I value community. That was an understatement. The way we cook and eat is what makes a community. And I promised I would use this blog to honor the culinary professionals who inspire those around them. So I'd like to direct your attention to the links at the right of the page.

Cynthia Furey, a California food journalist, has an excellent blog called Furey and the Feast. I listed her here in The Chickenless Kitchen because she is a chickenless writer. So many bloggers of her caliber gloss over their culinary mishaps, or try to cultivate a personality that isn't theirs for the sake of maintaining readers. Ms. Furey's blog, on the other hand, has a great big beating heart.

Local Harvest is a resource no cook should be without. You don't know how amazing the simplest foods can taste until you've obtained them from local farms. You may wonder how they qualify as chickenless; being that they are based on the idea of offering some of the most pure, traditional, and yes, boring foods around. I say it takes courage not to pump every last lick of your product full of corn syrup and preservatives to sell on the mass market, and that we as consumers should encourage the practice of selling nutritious foods on the local level.

Serious Eats is not entirely chickenless, but you can depend on it for at least one basic recipe a day that you can't wait to expand on.

The Daring Kitchen is great fun. I tried being a Daring Cook, but realized after a couple challenges that I'm too concerned with where my food comes from to participate (regrettably, I do not have a consistent trustworthy source for skate). Any Chickenless Cook short of neurotic on that front will get a kick out of this concept.

And finally we come to This is Why You're Fat. A colleague sent me this link almost a year ago and I haven't stopped cracking up about it since. It's chickenless because you'd never be able to find any chicken under all that bacon grease.

So now that you've heard enough out of my chickenless potpiehole for one day, be sure to check them out!

Beat the eggs. Whip the cream. Show no mercy.

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