Sunday, September 20, 2009

Overdue Links Announcement

So many awesome bloggers out there, so little time.

If you're here to scout for new twists on classic recipes, visit Alchemist Chef, Elinluv's Tidbits Corner, The Daily Spud, and The Ungourmet. These folks will whip you up a cinema-worthy breakfast in bed when you could have sworn all that was in the fridge was leftover pizza and baking soda.

If you're here to expand your knowledge of international cuisine, visit Give Recipe. Author Zerrin has a heart matched only by her chickenlessness. She embraces a spirit of universal food sharing and discussion.

If you're here because you're a locavore, visit Eating Local in the Tropics and Brooklyn Farmhouse. I josh you not when I say that they sparked my recent resolution to pay more attention to what I eat.

If you're here because you're interested in the art potential of food, visit Krajee Bento Mom. Yes, I know there are numerous bento sites out there. But this one is so cute it makes me want to throw up whatever trash I just ate so I can have room for the adorable little piggy made of rice.

If you're here because you're interested in the history and politics of food, visit Oyster Food and Culture. Actually, no matter what you're here for, visit Oyster Food and Culture. This site has something for anybody who would ever possibly sit through one of my blog posts.

As previously mentioned, I'm coming across awesome links more quickly than I can put them up; however, I am new to this game, and am always eager to make new friends/idols. Please email me or comment on this post if I am leaving someone out of the mix!

Beat the eggs. Whip the cream. Show no mercy.

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